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Product and Strategy

Bespoke technology unlocks AEC's key challenges

Technology enabled solutions may well be the unlock to some of AEC’s most pressing challenges, including remote work and limited staff.

Product Backlog: A Comprehensive Guide for Prioritizing Features and Achieving Product Vision

A Product Backlog is a list of features that need to be built or improved upon by the team. It provides a tactical way for stakeholders to align on the ...

Delivering Value to Customers: How Lofty Builds Trust and Empowers Experts with Software

At Lofty, our mission is to deliver value to our customers. We do this by building software that brings domain knowledge to life, empowering experts...

How OpenAI Convinced Me to Trust It (by Socratic method)

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory most famous for its recent release of ChatGPT.

Being a Product Owner at Lofty: Receiving Feedback

Both giving and receiving feedback are learnable, practicable skills. Receiving feedback is not about demanding feedback.

Dedicated DevOps: A Specialized Role For The Generalist

DevOps expands the potential for Agile workflows by focusing on bridging the gap between development and operations.

Being a Product Owner at Lofty

A product owners perspective on giving feedback within an organization. This will be the first of a series, next up: receiving feedback.

Digital Transformation Starts Small

It's not easy, but getting started is easier than you might think.

The 5 Biggest Digital Challenges for Precision Agriculture

Food production needs are growing. Solving tough software problems will have an impact.