7 Key Benefits Of Using AWS For Your Cloud Computing Needs

Thanks to the growing trend for businesses to move their I.T. infrastructure into the cloud, there are more options for cloud computing services than ever before.

The trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon; Moving to the cloud offers immediate savings from the expensive burden of owning and operating servers.

According to a survey conducted by IDG Enterprise, cloud technology is becoming a staple for organizations, with 70% of enterprise companies having at least one application in the cloud. (2016 Cloud Computing Survey)

As mentioned earlier, there are many options available, but in our opinion, none can compete with the leader of the public cloud service space, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon counts some of the largest organizations in the world as its customers: Adobe, Comcast, PBS, and Dow Jones (just to name a few.)

We’ve put together this list of seven benefits that your business can take advantage of when you use AWS to manage your applications on the cloud.

7 Benefits Of Using AWS

1. Comprehensive

Transitioning from on-site storage to the cloud is simple with AWS thanks to the investment they have made in education and training. The cloud powerhouse offers a wealth of knowledge on their site, including documentation and tutorialsfor getting started with AWS, their various services, and more.

AWS also has a Partner Network, which is made up of professional firms that help customers design, architect, build, migrate and manage their workloads and applications on AWS.

To earn our consulting partner status Lofty Labs employees passed several accreditations and certifications, had customer references on AWS and proven revenue through AWS services.

2. Cost-Effective

Whether you’re a startup or large enterprise company you will save by only leveraging the services your business needs at any given time. AWS has competitive pricing that is a fraction of the cost that on-premises solutions cost.

You can compare the cost of running your applications in an on-premises or colocation environment to AWS with this handy calculating tool.

3. Flexible

Whether you’re moving into the cloud for the first time, or migrating from another cloud service, AWS has all the resources you need to optimize your I.T. infrastructure. Their model supports scaling resources up or down, which means your business doesn’t have to worry when capacity is an issue or when needs fluctuate.

4. Security

Securing your business from potential data hacks and leaks is a high priority for AWS. They have many well-recognized compliance certifications and adhere to privacy laws from around the world.

Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and HealthCare.Gov all use AWS, which is a testament to how trusted AWS is as a secure cloud service.

5. Enhanced Productivity

Having AWS support your cloud computing means removing the responsibilities and risks associated with housing internal I.T. infrastructure. It also reduces the need for I.T. support staff, and saves your company time and money in the long-term.

6. Innovative

There are articles that claim that it's Amazon's dedication to innovation, and not their competitive pricing that ultimately wins their customers over. While facing a pricing war with Microsoft and Google, Amazon has yet to face competition in its dedication to invention, and experimentation. According to an attendee of the last AWS re:Invent Conference in 2016 AWS launched nearly 1000 new services last year.

7. Global Leader

Amazon Web Services operates in 190 countries and supports over a million active customers. They count some the largest and smallest businesses in the world as their customers, and even service the public sector.

Next Steps

Need a partner to help your organization move into the cloud?  Lofty Labs has experienced and certified AWS engineers deploying, running and managing applications in the AWS cloud. Learn more about our AWS Consulting services by clicking on the link below. If you're ready, fill in the contact form here, and we'll connect with you shortly!

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