What Could You Accomplish with an Innovation Team?

A few years ago Lofty's tagline was simple: "Lofty Solves Data Problems."

Lofty Office, 2017

Lofty Labs Office, 2017

I think the simplicity of that message will always hold a special place for me as a founder. It was direct and confident. Unfortunately though, it didn't do a great job of explaining what we actually do here. I remember just as fondly the day someone walked through our front door, under that confident banner, and asked equally as confidently for me to fix iCal on his computer.

It's actually really difficult to market building custom software, and we're constantly refining our messaging. Today we say "Lofty elevates businesses with apps and emerging technology," and I'd like to explain one of the ways we do that.

We primarily work with our clients in one of three ways:

1) We go through a structured discovery process called Ignition where we plan, design, and estimate your project and then and execute a software product build.

2) We define a Minimum Viable Product and entrepreneurially build a product in 6 weeks, called a Microproject.

3) We build a dedicated team around your organization that works hand in hand with yours to build and support software products.

It's the third method of engagement I refer to when I say "Innovation Team."

How does an innovation team work?

You can think of an innovation team as your software development Agency of Record. My colleagues and I at Lofty Labs build, develop, and nurture a complete software development team that remains 100% focused on your organization.

For some of our client partners, we build and maintain the day-to-day operations of a software product they envision and sell. For others, those who are not directly in the business of software, an innovation team is always available to solve operational challenges, fulfill analytics needs, and automate processes with software tools. Others still leverage an innovation team as a strategic unit for digital transformation.

What would you do?

Imagine you had a fully capable team to develop customer facing or internal facing software products. They are well trained, have a strong culture and history of working well together on day one. They are managed and coached by experienced software veterans, developed professionally, and bring a broad range of knowledge and perspective from multiple industries to the problems they solve.

You get to focus on your business, your vision, and your customers. We focus on the challenging and delicate details of building a highly functional software development unit.

What kind of problems could you start solving right now, today, with a team like this? Get in touch, because that's a question we love to explore with our clients.


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