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We're proud to show off our work. See how we've taken our partners to new heights.

"Lofty has been an integral component of our team. We’ve achieved infrastructure and workflow scalability that consistently enables new growth."
- Greg Jennings, CTO, Mondobrain, Inc.

How does Lofty deliver?

Our focused expertise and dedicated teams makes us uniquely effective.


Lofty Ignition

Pre-development discovery, strategy, and design to get us aligned.



Rapid Product Prototyping

A minimum viable product gives us something that works, fast.



Agile Software Development

Small teams. Continue planning. Ship features. Measure success. Repeat.



Lofty Mission Control

Service disruption is not the kind of disruption we're going for.

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Ignition is Lofty's secret sauce. It's a pre-development discovery and planning phase we've crafted over years of delivering software products. During Ignition, we collaboratively design the fundamental architecture, user experience, and strategy for project success.

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Iterative Development

Working through sprints using the Agile Scrum process, we iteratively and methodically execute the Ignition plan. Your team gets to see and use the product throughout delivery, with your feedback constantly shaping and refining the final outcome. Our process anticipates change and rejects the notion of fixed scopes.

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Mission Control

Software products live far longer than their development phase and must be monitored, groomed, and nourished throughout their service.Mission Control is our High Availability and Performance service that guarantees 1 hour responses to service outages and business critical issues, 24/7.

Managed Application Performance

Managed Application Stability

Managed Application Defect Repair

We'll monitor your application's performance and recommend or implement optimizations.

We're on call 24/7 to monitor your application's uptime and respond to incidents.

We'll watch for defects in your application and implement bug fixes as needed.

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