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Using insights on global climate to drive local action

Our collaboration with a top company in the battle against climate change and food insecurity has resulted in a powerful platform for collecting, visualizing, and planning sustainability projects using extensive sensor networks.



An international ESG and climate technology company deploys a purpose-built land, sea, and air sensor network. A team of leading environmental scientists uses the data collected to effect real, measurable change in a client's ecosystem. Managing the millions of sensor data points and diverse domain scenarios is crucial for providing clients with an intuitive understanding of the local environment. Our client employed Lofty's expertise in handling extensive geospatial data in the cloud and cutting-edge UI capabilities to build the core of their software offering.



Through in-depth collaboration between stakeholders and implementers from both teams, Lofty's strategic leadership team took all parties through a series of workshops to ensure the project was headed for success. Ensuring all parties have a voice at the table from the first meeting to make certain that the best ideas win and projects are aligned with desired outcomes no matter the starting point. The rapport and trust built through the initial discovery process allowed the Lofty team to work in close collaboration to make sure our partner's project was successful.



Through discovery we identified a core set of data archetypes, upon which we could build composable data ingestion and visualization modules.

As our client procured requirements in new problem spaces, the Lofty team was able to quickly compose reporting interfaces that include vector, raster, point, time series, and point cloud data.

The application also features a standardized alert module, with configurable thresholds that trigger notifications when individual sensors report outside of nominal, or when new data appears in a specific geographic polygon.

Screenshot of Cropgen app on a tablet shows the farm page with tables of field informationA screenshot of the Cropgen product on a tablet shows the Financial Summary page of a field book, detailing the annual P&L of a farmA screenshot of the Cropgen product on a tablet shows the Field Summary page of field book which displays the high level financial metrics of a fieldA screenshot of the Cropgen product on a tablet shows the Farm Summary page of a field book which gives detailed metrics on the performance of a farm



Our partnership has been a cornerstone of our partner's data and planning strategy. Lofty's strengths in cloud computing, data management, data analysis, UI/UX, and product strategy are well represented. Our interdisciplinary team has taken the client's data insights from vision to production, making Lofty a critical partner in product direction, innovative design, and a crucial component of reliable data science.

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