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Supporting Nationwide Bridge Deck Assessment With Digital Tools

Lofty works with the Data Science teams at Alynix to change how DOTs,  municipalities, and the nation utilize drone thermography.



 Alynix engaged Lofty to automate its data processing pipeline and deliver results in an intuitive cloud-based application. These components collectively comprise a product called Decker. Decker analyzes thermal anomalies and uses advanced computer vision signals to calculate the extent of bridge deck de-lamination. Decker provides a robust digital alternative to the industry's status quo, without closing traffic lanes and putting workers in dangerous on-road conditions.



Through in-depth collaboration between stakeholders and implementers from both teams, Lofty's strategic leadership team took all parties through a series of workshops to ensure the project was headed for success. Ensuring all parties have a voice at the table from the first meeting to make certain that the best ideas win and projects are aligned with desired outcomes no matter the starting point. The rapport and trust built through the initial discovery process allowed the Lofty team to work in close collaboration to make sure Decker was successful.



Lofty designed a data architecture that balanced the needs of a cloud based software platform, while retaining the ability for science teams to experiment and iterate. The application enables users to create automated flight paths to capture remote data via UAVs. Decker then orchestrates the entire scientific process of analyzing bridge decks, and implements MLFlow to enable the data science teams to scale and distribute their own models in the platform. The application also provides an intuitive user interface for managing data and projects, a QC workflow for bridge engineers, and automated generation of reports.

Screenshot of Cropgen app on a tablet shows the farm page with tables of field informationA screenshot of the Cropgen product on a tablet shows the Financial Summary page of a field book, detailing the annual P&L of a farmA screenshot of the Cropgen product on a tablet shows the Field Summary page of field book which displays the high level financial metrics of a fieldA screenshot of the Cropgen product on a tablet shows the Financial Summary page of a field book, detailing the annual P&L of a farm



Infrastructure is the common link between the mission driven industries we serve at Lofty. Advancing the science of defect detection keeps people and goods moving, and industry operating. Decker is poised to detect problems faster and more safely, by keeping engineers off the road.



The highly collaborative nature of the project has led to a remarkably productive and beneficial partnership between Lofty and Alynix, who we've had the fortune of partnering with on a multitude of projects in the AEC space.

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