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Software Development

Quick and Easy Preview Environments using Docker Compose and Pullpreview

Lofty CEO Casey Kinsey demonstrates how to use the GitHub action called Pull Preview to create Docker Compose Preview environments for code review and testing.

3 Geospatial and Remote Sensing Use Cases for Meta’s Segment Anything Model

The team at Lofty has been testing SAM in Agriculture, AEC, and Energy to understand how the model can be leveraged on imagery collected via remote sensing.

How OpenAI Convinced Me to Trust It (by Socratic method)

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory most famous for its recent release of ChatGPT.

Finding Continuous Data Within Large Datasets

Finding continuous data within a large dataset can be tricky. Today, we’ll be looking at the Tabibito-san Method, a creative use of SQL.

Tracking Machine Learning Experiments with MLFlow

How does MLFlow help track experiments? I’m not a data scientist; I’m a software engineer, but I enjoyworking with data science teams.

Pair Programming with ChatGPT

When the opportunity to work on a project with ChatGPT arose, I was eager to try it.

Secure JWT Tokens + Cypress

In this writeup, we’ll cover how to securely store JWT tokens in a way that allows for easy testing with Cypress.

Dedicated DevOps: A Specialized Role For The Generalist

DevOps expands the potential for Agile workflows by focusing on bridging the gap between development and operations.

Securing the Software Supply Chain

Software supply chain attacks are a threat to software engineers everywhere. Learn how easily an attack can disrupt a CI/CD pipeline.

Hy World, Lets Talk About Pythonic Lisps

Programming isn't always a serious affair. Sometimes it's nice to have fun and once in a while that fun translates to a useful thing.

Lofty Team Members Launch Developer Podcast, Friday Afternoon Deploy

Friday Afternoon Deploy is a podcast for makers of software discussing Python, Django, web and mobile development, and dev culture.

Introducing Vue-deckgl, open source bindings for in the Vue Framework.

The Engineering team at Lofty has just released vue_deckgl, which are open source bindings for Uber's library within the Vue.js framework.

Visual data exploration with Walmart data and Vue DeckGL

Setting up a framework to explore how weather correlates to sales. Through visual exploratory data analysis, visualization will highlight certain relationships.