FayettePy: Intermediate Development With Flask

Flask is well known as a low-configuration micro framework for web development with Python.  But while there are countless examples of simple one-file applications exploiting this lack of bloat, there aren't many guidelines out there describing how to organize and structure larger projects.

Kanat Bekt of HumanLink presented his tips on organizing large Flask projects at our September FayettePy session at Field Agent HQ.  Targeted at the intermediate-level Flask developer, Kanat gave tips on architecture and project structure including:

  • App factories for extensibility
  • Leveraging Flask Blueprints
  • Service oriented architectures
  • Demo code from the session can be found on Kanat's Github profile.

FayettePy meets on the last Thursday of each month for social events and educational sessions on the Python ecosystem.  Join the FayettePy meetup groupfor updates on events and to meet local Northwest Arkansas Pythonistas!

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