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Modernizing a long-standing industry through the integration of digital technology.

Our application streamlines the process of recording and reporting data, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the risk of errors. It also provides real-time access to data, allowing operators to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

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BNR Production is a mid-size oil and gas operator based in the Southern region of the United States with about 3,000 wells operating under their ownership. BNR plans to expand its operations and maintain its vast number of working wells. It needed help managing the daily operations of the oil field workers tasked with reporting multiple data points. With a consistent and scalable data collection method, their understanding of the overall asset health and performance could be more reliable for long-term success.



Our Ignition team spent 7-weeks working through various discovery exercises that enabled us to understand the business domain and identify the root problem within their workflow. From there, we collaborated on solutions that would be feasible within our desired development timeline. By the end of Ignition, our team produced an early-stage prototype to visualize what the product could become based on the priorities for the product.



Lofty set out on a two-pronged approach to solving this problem. We focused primarily on the oil field workers in the field to build a mobile application that they would use without much friction. Their buy-in on the product would determine the success and return on investment on the part of the operator. So their user experience and functional testing throughout development were crucial to the building process. The web application would ingest the data coming from the oil field workers daily. It provides quick snapshots of thousands of wells' production, inventory, and utilization. It also offers bottom-line metrics equipping executive decision-makers with accurate and real-time data.

Screenshot of Cropgen app on a tablet shows the farm page with tables of field informationA screenshot of the Cropgen product on a tablet shows the Financial Summary page of a field book, detailing the annual P&L of a farmA screenshot of the Cropgen product on a tablet shows the Field Summary page of field book which displays the high level financial metrics of a field


Our product would replace hours of daily manual data entry, the related human error, and manual adjustments to data for executives to get what they needed. By placing modern technology into the hands of the oilmen, our product will supersede the pencil and paper process they have used for decades. BNR, through Cropgen, is now poised to implement automation throughout their entire operation.



Throughout MVP development, we continued to be highly collaborative with BNR. As per the playbook of Scrum, we held regular backlog refinement sessions with BNR to ensure we were in line with priorities and the work to be done. We also hosted Sprint Review sessions at the end of each sprint to demo and discuss feedback on the work done within that iteration and the related team metrics to display progress.

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