Job Opening: Senior Software Engineer, Consultant

Job Description

Senior Software Engineer (SSE) has 5+ years experience developing software for the web browser and the related ecosystems. Preferred experience, but not limited to, would include using Python, Django, Flask and related tools in the Python web ecosystem.

An SSE is capable of creating well-defined tasks and project architectures and completing them with a high degree of quality while balancing pragmatism and productivity. Progressing through being an SSE will involve taking on tasks of the highest complexity within the organization and working daily with Software Engineers I & II to mentor and develop their professional abilities.

SSEs play an role important role in mentoring SE I and IIs. Engineers at this level should not only always follow stated best practices without being coached to, but should be seeking to set new standards and practices for the team.


  • 5+ years professional experience in web application development
  • Programming
  • Python/Ruby (minimum 2+ years experience)
  • Javascript (minimum 2+ years experience)
  • Strong knowledge with Unix based systems administration
  • Strong Knowledge of Database Systems and SQL
  • Strong knowledge of Git

Preferred (but not required) Qualifications

  • BS/BA in Computer Science or related field of Engineering
  • Experience with maintaining Django applications
  • Experience with maintaining Rails applications
  • Extensive Python experience
  • Strong knowledge of data structures, software design patterns, relational and non-relational databases
  • Experience with data intensive architectures and software.
  • Experience with middleware-type applications and a data pipelines

Key Attributes

  • Able to work without direct supervision. We don't like being micromanaged, and we don't like micromanaging others. The best Lofty Employees are one's we trust to do what is right without leadership stepping in.
  • Motivated to try new methods and learn new technologies without direction to do so.
  • Can follow directions well, but does not require directions to work. We like to hire people who find and attack work on their own proactively.
  • Great attention to detail. Engineering is a highly detail oriented profession.
  • Has a good balance of commitment to excellence and pragmatism.
  • Able to comfortably communicate with clients regarding their projects with Lofty Labs.


  • Architect systems and logic and serve as project leader on client projects.
  • Take personal responsibility for project deadlines and technical commitments to our clients.
  • Continued education/training. All consultants should always be working in some way towards the next step in their career.
  • Mentoring all level engineers. All Lofty Engineers are responsible for mentoring engineers that are lower in the career ladder than they are.

Working at Lofty Labs

Lofty Labs is a boutique software development, and data analysis consultancy based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We work with companies big, and small, to help identify and solve problems across a wide range of industries including marketing, software, legal, and retail.

We work in a comfortable, flexible environment, with people who enjoy sharing their knowledge, testing new technology, and working collaboratively with coworkers and clients.

Employees at Lofty Labs enjoy a self-managed PTO policy, company-sponsored medical benefits, dental, vision, and 401k options.

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