It's Just Lofty

In 2014 I started a company called Lofty Labs in a 10x10 office above Damgoode Pies in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The truth is that the name didn't mean much to me at the time. It was one of about a dozen possibilities I hastily brainstormed one evening while our attorney patiently waited for me to choose something so we could file the Articles of Incorporation.

Over the past 5 years, though, the name has grown to mean quite a bit to our team. It's our work home and our work family. For me personally, it is the professional accomplishment of which I am most proud. It's something that I've poured more blood, sweat, and tears into than I could have ever imagined.

Had the name "Lofty" been on that list, it wouldn't have been chosen. I could not have confidently said, "The name of my firm is Lofty," as the word "lofty" alone meant even less. It wasn't the name of a company, it was just a word.

For 5 years we've been saying that word, and today it carries far more weight than its five letters.

When we talk about our process with the team we say, "This is how we do it at Lofty."

When our clients and partners refer our trusted expertise to their closest colleagues they say, "You need to talk to the people at Lofty."

When we meet the great talent in our industry we ask them, "What makes you want to work at Lofty?"

So there it is. It's the name we've had all along.

Lofty Labs is just Lofty now.

We didn't even have to change the domain name. Maybe I knew it all along.



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